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Drift School is our beginner level track day, with one on one lessons with a Keep it Reet Instructor you'll be able to progress from your very first track day into bigger days such as Friday Night Drifts and Reetsuris.


Drivers will progress throughout the day on the following tracks and levels 

- Level 1 (Skidpan) - Breaking Traction and Holding Drift

- Level 2 (Skidpan) - Entries / Figure 8s

- Level 3 (National Circuit Half Track)

Drifting a corner and progressing onto how to transition and link corners.

Our friendly instructors will also teach you how to fit tyres, setup your car and the best route for your to go down as you get better at drifting.

Keep it Reet is passionate about bringing new drivers into the drift scene by providing this avenue we can teach the upcoming generation of drivers how to conduct themselves, respect racetracks while lifting the image of the sport as a whole!



📅 Monday, July 24th

⏰ 10am - 4pm

📍 Calder Park Raceway



  • Progress at your own pace

  • Experienced Instructors 

  • Small Groups

  • Low Pressure (No Spectators)

  • No Cage Required

  • Tyre Machine (No disposal)

  • BBQ Lunch



Driver Member Entry: $300
Standard Driver Entry: $320
Extra Driver / Shared Car: $160




  • AASA Licence (HERE)

  • Race Helmet AS1698 (No Motocross helmets)

  • Long Sleeve Top, Pants & Closed shoes

  • Fire Extinguisher (AS1841 Compliant)

  • Rear Wheel Drive Car

  • Basic Scrutineering

  • At least 16 years old (with a guardian)


Entry: $20 (at the gate)
Passenger Band: $30 (available till 11am)

Drift School is a non-spectator event, but we understand if you want to bring a friend to help out. You're welcome to come alone, our friendly team is always happy to help.



📅 Monday, July 24th

⏰ 10am - 4pm

📍 Calder Park Raceway



  • Fire extinguisher (mounted at arms reach)

  • Working Headlights, Hazards and Brake lights

  • All standard parts should be secured safely

  • Any aftermarket modifications should also be secured safely

  • No mods deemed dangerous

  • At least one muffler/hotdog within exhaust

  • No serious oil leaks or other leaks in general

  • Full intact windscreen (with no structural cracks)

  • Accessible Tow points



drifting 101

Want to drive our Drift school but don't know where to begin?

Head over to our "ULTIMATE BEGINNER GUIDE TO DRIFTING!" page where we'll prepare you for your first ever track day.



The event is strictly no Drugs and Alcohol, No Pets, We are about family-friendly fun.

Any Violence, Abrupt disrespectful behaviour or breach of our no drugs/alcohol policy will be escorted out from our events by Security and not welcome back.

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