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All Keep it Reet Drift events run under AASA Scrutineering and Regulations - HERE

Below is a basic checklist that our scrutineers will have when assessing your vehicle, if you've followed the AASA document above you'll be on track in no time!


If you have any questions, feel free to email

scrutineering checklist

The items contained in the lists below will be checked on prior to any car being allowed on track at a Keep it Reet event, all cars must comply with these lists at a minimum       

 Helmet (Must Comply to current Australian Standards)

☐ Front and Rear Hazard lights


☐ Windscreen, Glass no cracks  


☐ Bonnet Secure  


☐ Cooling system and hoses  

☐ Engine mounts  

☐ Engine oil leaks  

☐ Fuel lines and fittings  

☐ Throttle return springs  

☐ Oil catch can  

☐ Battery firmly attached/enclosed  

☐ Master cylinders mounting and leaks

☐ No hydraulic leaks  

☐ Hoses and lines safe  

☐ Pedals good condition operation  

☐ Handbrake good condition operation

☐ Rear vision mirrors 

☐ Boot fuel Systems sealed from cabin 

☐ Petrol tank and filler

☐ General Chassis Construction  

☐ Body, clean no excessive damage  

☐ Floor pan  

 Doors secure  

☐ Steering wheel solid and secure  

☐ Steering – check play  

☐ Seat attachment / solid mount  

☐ Fire extinguisher / Solid mount  

☐ Roll bar/Cage (Cams Schedule J spec Only. - Drift School cage not required)  

☐ Seat belts, type and mounting  

☐ Wheel nut check  

☐ Check all steering arms  

☐ Check all bushes and ball joints  

☐ Hubs, wheel bearings  

☐ Shocks working  

☐ Exhaust, One muffler preferred

☐ Transmission mounting  

☐ Parker Tail Lights

☐ Headlights  

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