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scrutineering checklist

The items contained in the lists below will be checked on prior to any car being allowed on track at a Keep it Reet event, all cars must comply with these lists at a minimum       

☐Helmet (Must Comply to current Australian Standards)

☐Front and Rear Hazard lights


☐Windscreen, Glass no cracks  


☐Bonnet Secure  


☐Cooling system and hoses  


☐Engine mounts  


☐Engine oil leaks  


☐Fuel lines and fittings  


☐Throttle return springs  


☐Oil catch can  


☐Battery firmly attached/enclosed  


☐Master cylinders mounting and leaks


☐No hydraulic leaks  


☐Hoses and lines safe  


☐Pedals good condition operation  


☐Handbrake good condition operation


☐Rear vision mirrors 


☐ Boot fuel Systems sealed from cabin 

☐ Petrol tank and filler

☐General Chassis Construction  


☐Body, clean no excessive damage  


☐Floor pan  


☐Doors secure  


☐Steering wheel solid and secure  


☐Steering – check play  


☐Seat attachment / solid mount  


☐Fire extinguisher / Solid mount  


☐Roll bar/Cage (Cams Schedule J spec Only. - Drift School cage not required)  


☐Seat belts, type and mounting  


☐Wheel nut check  


☐Check all steering arms  


☐Check all bushes and ball joints  


☐Hubs, wheel bearings  


☐Shocks working  


☐Exhaust, One muffler preferred


☐Transmission mounting  


☐ Parker Tail Lights


☐ Headlights  

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