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Welcome to Keep It Reet Events Management


At Keep It Reet, our name encapsulates our commitment to maintaining a relaxed and sophisticated atmosphere, ensuring events are conducted in an orderly and exclusive manner.


Our journey began in the world of adrenaline-fueled pursuits during our formative years. From skateboards to trial bikes, we embraced the thrill of pushing boundaries. As the years progressed, so did our passion, transitioning seamlessly from manual pursuits to automotive exhilaration.


Upon obtaining our first car, a VL Commodore, the fascination with high-performance modifications began. This marked the inception of the 'Dose life,' leading to a dynamic journey filled with experiences on and off the road.


Navigating the challenges of probationary driving, we indulged in the art of drifting, mastering the skill on the streets due to the distance from formal tracks. The commitment to this passion was unwavering, with makeshift setups in backyards and countless hours spent honing skills after midnight, only to return to a full day of work.


As our proficiency grew, we ventured to formal tracks, gradually accumulating resources to enhance our pursuit. The journey involved overcoming financial constraints, eventually acquiring a tow car and trailer. This progression solidified our dedication to the craft.


At Keep It Reet, our vision is to offer exclusive track days in Melbourne, fostering a community where enthusiasts, from novices to seasoned veterans, can share their love for high-performance driving. Our goal is to provide a viable alternative to street activities, mitigating risks and promoting responsible enjoyment.


In addition to catering to newcomers, we strive to revive the authentic drift community spirit for seasoned members, fostering an environment of positivity and shared enjoyment.


This is our story, one that resonates with many. We aspire to offer an insight into the driving force behind Keep It Reet Events Management and our dedication to creating memorable experiences.


Keep It Relaxed and Exclusive,


Keep It Reet Events Management Team

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