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Wet Weather Drift Practice

Victoria was hit with another dose of deja vu when a fourth lockdown was put in place earlier this month. For the drifting community, this meant that out of uncertainty, we had to postpone the second round of our Battle Royale Championship.

However, restrictions were eased in time for a replacement event to be organised. A Private Drift Day for anyone wanting to practice their drifting skills, or even nail the 'Reverse over the Hill' layout before Battle Royale Round 2.

Same Keep it Reet vibes, a challenging layout and plenty of seat time for the drivers. Sounds like a good Friday to me.

The layout is the same one used for VicDrift's second round of this year's championship. The hill itself, followed by the right-left switchback is already tricky, for amateurs and pro drifters alike. So with the rain that fell in the morning and that was coming through the day, drivers were told in the drivers meeting to take it easy, especially on their first time out.

Despite the intermittent rain and lack of grip, everyone put on a great show. For who you ask? These blokes working on the train line of course!

The duo of Jamie Stevkovski and Pat Meehan battled the conditions all day, blazing the trail whilst representing the AU Drift Society.

Ben Loft had his hands full in his S15 rocket ship, picking up the most stylish award when the day was done.

The Team Wheel Deal boys practiced and lead plenty of close tandems throughout the day...

...whilst Scott Massari sent it hard into Turn 1 in attempts to perfect his backwards entries.

Nick Trigg deservedly earned the award for most improved, in his workhorse AU Falcon Ute.

Taking pictures and similarly, drifting in these kinds of conditions is both difficult and rewarding. And although it was awesome shooting these guys master their cars and the track...

...the best part of the day by far was taking photos of everyone before they set off for their laps. Being able to capture the faces of those behind the wheel, in the moment, just having a great time. If anything, this just prefaces the incoming vibes and good times when we return for Battle Royale Round 2

Bonus Gallery

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