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Going Big at Friday Night Drifts

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

2021 was much a repeat of 2020, which meant things didn’t quite go to plan. Despite this, we were able to hold one final Friday Night Drifts to end the year. And without a doubt, it was our biggest yet.

Early Bird Tickets for our first event in months anticipated a large crowd, and driver entries were sold out, with many being put on a waiting list. The response pre-Friday indicated a massive night, and the spectators and drivers didn't disappoint.

At a quarter past five, drivers were let loose onto the track, eager to shred some tyres. For some the first time in a long while, and for everyone, one final time in 2021.

Jason would also be shredding his new competition car – BarraWags! Its first event in its fresh lick of paint.

Speaking of fresh builds, our Show and Shine was attracting a lot of street metal and enthusiastic eyes, right outside the pit area.

The on-track action would be situated on the Thunderdome tri-oval, a mixture of the Kang layout and FD Layout. Drivers would send it into the Kang Layout hairpin, drifting up the banking and towards the FD Layout. This would be where a thousand spectators cheered on the smoke show.

In between the drifting action, the world-renowned Freestyle Kings gave their best Freestyle motocross demonstrations. Riders Lance Russel and Ryan Brown lit up the night with their aerobatics, along with some pyrotechnics.

However, that wasn’t all that was planned for the half-time show. We still had this super clean R34 Skyline to give away!

One lucky ticket was picked from the barrel, and Jason gave the winner that infamous phone call. Congratulations Jordan Larkins!

The drifting commenced. Adrenaline seeking spectators were lining up to 'Ride with a Pro', while the track was ablaze with drivers sliding long into the night.

Nathan Ranson was sending it hard into each corner, whilst Scott Massari was going big with his reverse entries.

Team Wheel Deal and the AU Drift Society made sure there were plenty of multi car tandems as the sun went down.

There were many fresh faces on the track, and it was awesome to see their improvement over the night. It will be interesting to see how far these newcomers will progress in coming events.

Eventually, after a lot of burnt rubber and dinged body panels, it came time to end the night. Awards were given out and a classic game of scissor-paper-rock against Jason to win some free merch.

A massive thank you again to all the drivers, spectators, sponsors and volunteers for supporting this event. We can't wait to go even bigger next year and we hope you come along for the ride!

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