Friday night drifts 'DRIFT SCHOOL' mar 26th

Calder Park Raceway

377 Calder Fwy, Calder Park, Victoria

Drift School Entry-


- $100 (extra driver / shared car) email us for extra driver entry

sign up as a member- keepitreet.com/membership


What is KiR Drift School?

Keep it Reet 'Drift School' is a fun filled / relaxed night out at Calder park with your newly built or bought drift car (or our rental 😋)!
On the Opposite side to where our 'Friday Night Drifts' is held will be the area setup for 20 drivers (2 groups) and 4 experienced driving instructors to teach you the ins and outs of where to start when wanting to learn how to become a KiR drift master.
The bare minimum you will need is a helmet / fire extinguisher and a rear wheel drive car (lsd or locked diff) plus a few basic scrutineer requirements.
If you dont have a car we have you covered with a Professionally setup Drift car for Rent with a pair of brand new tyres inc.
(more info below)
Some of the basic techniques taught by our instructors will be:
- Handbrake entry's
- Circle Work / Donuts
- Clutch Kicks
- Figure 8's
- Mini Drift Course (once the group is ready)
If you manage to pass all these steps and are seen as being confident in your abilities, one of the instructors will 'Graduate' you with a Certificate for passing 'Drift School' and grant you a 'Learners Plate' to access to the main track 'Friday Night Drifts' is held on for the final hour of practice with the instructor to truly test your drifting ability and end the night ready to hit the main track next time around!


$40 Online presale only 



Details Are:

-No Roll Cage required (tandems restricted)

-Must hold AASA/Cams licence. (Not avail on day)

-Day licences acceptable (please print form for us to check off)

AASA license links -






Gates opens-    3:30pm - 12pm

Track time-      5pm - 11pm

Open session-   2 Groups


Tyre changing available on the day:

EastSide Tyres

$10 strip and fit $5 scrap your used tyre


Scrutineering bare min:

- Aus Standard Race Helmet

- Long Sleeve Top and Pants, Closed shoes

- Fire extinguisher and solid bracket (mounted in arms reach)

- Solid seats/steering wheel mounting

- good condition seat-belts (no Chinese harnesses)

- One muffler in exhaust min exiting side or rear or bonnet (ex gate inclusive)

- No ghetto mods deemed dangerous or serious oil leaks

- All wheel nuts securely fixed

- Working Headlights, hazards and brake lights (inc parkers)

- Tow points

- Catch can of any type fixed solid with no leaks

- Full intact Windshield with no structural cracks

- Sealed Fuel System


*Rental Drift Car Available* CLick here to enter
- $200 per 1 hour session (first time drifters only)
We now have our 'Keep it Reet AU Falcon' drift setup car available for hire.
Whats Included:
- Brand New pair of rear Tyres
- Full Tank of Fuel
- 100rwkw Of 6 cylinder barra power

- One on One Instructor

- $200 per one session (4 sessions available)

With this car you have the option to try out what drifting is all about and see if you have what it takes to do it before you go and buy your own drift car!
Also a great gift for a friend or family member 🎈

Looking forward to seeing you there!




The event is strictly no Drugs and Alcohol.

No Pets.

We are about family friendly fun.

Any Violence, Abrupt disrespectful behaviour or breach of our no drugs/alcohol policy will be escorted out from our events by Security and not welcome back.


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