R33 SKyline Giveaway

may 31st


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free Giveaway

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This is a Free Giveaway by Keep it Reet!

To be in the draw simply order your 'R33 Giveaway + Premium Membership Pass' for $30 and it automatically puts you in the draw to win this car for free!

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You can win a Street ready Drift car to start your drifting journey for $30!


at 11.59PM May 31st

R33 GIVEAWAY TO BE DRAWN SUNDAY June 7th 12PM via Livestream on our page.

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We are Giving away our Drift ready 1994 Nissan R33 Skyline Sedan.

Your $30 Premium Membership Pass will automatically put you in the draw to Win.

(Premium Membership Pass Available In All States)


All Proceeds go back into 'Keep it Reet' to put on awesome events for you and to help us keep drifting off the streets by making it cheaper and more available on the track!


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-Membership Pass' are Non-Refundable.

-This is a One Time Payment.

-Premium Membership Pass Expire on the Last Day of the Purchased Month.

-Immediate Friends and Family of 'Keep it Reet' are Non Eligible to Claim Prize.

-Only Claimable to the Person Named on the Membership Pass.

-Proof of Identity Must be Supplied Upon Claiming.

-Winner Must Organise When They Can Pick Up Within 14 days After the Draw.

1994 Nissan R33 Skyline Sedan Specs:


-Freshly Resprayed Original Gunmetal Grey

-Genuine Sunroof Model

-RB25DET Running 10psi

-Front Mount Return Flow Intercooler

-Turbo 5 Speed Manual

-Mantic Cushion Button Clutch

-4.3 Ratio LSD Diff

-Electronic Damper Adjustable Tien Coil Overs

-Work Emotion KIWAMI wheels in 18x9.5 +20

-Brand New 215/35/18 Tyres

-Darkest Legal Tint all round

-Stock Clean interior and Engine Ready for Road Use or Ready to Modify as you please

-3" HKS exhaust (not too loud)

-Greddy Blow Off Valve


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(Does not come with any form of RWC or Registration but it is eligible to be registered in all states if desired)

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