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PSI-30 VL Turbo - T-SHIRT (Pre-Order)

PSI-30 VL Turbo - T-SHIRT (Pre-Order)


PSI-30 VL Turbo - T-SHIRT (Pre-Order) - Represent Keep it Reet in style!


Jason's VL Turbo PSI30 is turning heads across the USA on tour! It's also terrifying many famous YouTubers along the way, including Cleetus McFarland at the Freedom Factory, Adam LZ, Hert, Chelsea DeNofa, Dave Egan, Randy Truong, Grant Anderson, and Jimmy Oakes.


Pre-Order: We'll be accepting orders for this tee until June 23rd. Production will begin afterward, and the shirts will be shipped out by mid July. Products ordered alongside this pre-order will share the same delays.

Expected to ship by the mid July

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