PRivate drift day
JUNE 25th
Calder Park / REVERSE HILL layout


We’re Back!
Keep it Reet Presents 🤙🏽

June 25th 'Friday Private Drift Day'

National Circuit, Reverse Hill layout
From 10am til 4.00pm
@ Calder Park Raceway, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

*Strictly 1 driver + 1 pit crew member or shared driver

Drivers Entrys!


$320 non Member (per car/one driver)

$300 Member (per car/one driver)

$150 per extra driver sharing car (doesn’t need to be member)

$30 pit crew member

$30 passenger bands


Tyre changing available on the day.

$10 strip and fit $5 scrap your used tyre


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Details For Drivers Are:

-No Roll Cage required (tandems and passengers restricted)

-Must hold AASA/Cams licence. (Not avail on day)

-Day licences acceptable (please print form for us to check off)


AASA license links -






Gates opens:  8am - 5pm
Track time: 
  10am - 4pm

Capped at 30 Drivers
Open session. No groups

Layout- Reverse Hill

Scrutineering bare min:
- Aus Standard Race Helmet
- Long Sleeve Top and Pants, Closed shoes
- Fire extinguisher and solid bracket (mounted in arms reach)
- Solid seats/steering wheel mounting
- good condition seat-belts (no Chinese harnesses)
- One muffler in exhaust min exiting side or rear or bonnet (ex gate inclusive)
- No ghetto mods deemed dangerous or serious oil leaks
- All wheel nuts securely fixed
- Working Headlights, hazards and brake lights (inc parkers)
- Tow points
- Catch can of any type fixed solid with no leaks
- Full intact Windshield with no structural cracks

Looking forward to seeing you there!


The event is strictly no Drugs and Alcohol.
No Pets.
We are about family friendly fun.
Any Violence, Abrupt disrespectful behaviour or breach of our no drugs/alcohol policy will be escorted out from our events by Security and not welcome back.