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We are making some changes to the Battle Royale system for 2023, our first season was fantastic but we quickly realised that the competition is quite closed off to the community and not as accessible as we would like so the below changes should allow this season to be more affordable and inviting to a greater number of drivers.



The BR calendar as many of you have seen is on 3 Fridays and a Thursday prior to a public holiday in 2023, This competition is very costly to run and in our first season we saw a need to change to align Battle Royale onto the Friday to ensure that it remains sustainable going forward so that we can continue to provide this series to the drivers.



We are now merging Pro and Amateur into one class as a single competition, allowing for more drivers and easier access to the series.



As we are merging two classes into one, we will be introducing qualifying. We still believe that drivers should be given the best chance to show that they have what it takes to make it into and through battles without being dropped for a single mistake, therefore we will be adopting an iteration of the Drifting SA qualifying system where drivers will have two separate qualifying battles where they drive with another driver to gain points, points will be assigned for a lead and a chase independently of the car they battle, lowest score will be dropped and highest will be doubled with contingencies in place if drivers are on the same points prior to the top 16.


TOP 16

Drivers that qualify into the top 16 will battle through our Battle Royale system that we used in the 21/22 season which requires you to lose two battles in order to be knocked out from the competition.



We have been working closely with Drifting SA and will be utilising the same approved tyre list used in the SA Series with some additions and continuous approved adjustments, this should bring costs down for the pro level cars whilst keeping the competition as fair as possible. This will also keep Victoria and SA on the same playing field so that both states know what to expect when competing in either respective competition.



Zeknova have partnered up with us to supply their tyres at a discounted price only available to Battle Royale Drivers, Drivers can expect to pay $100 per tyres instead of a retail of $144 per if they choose to purchase through Zeknova, Details will be supplied to drivers on how to purchase once they have entered.

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