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The Full Story


Keep it Reet has one goal. That goal is to create a safe and legal drifting community. The following roadmap will explain how we plan on doing this.


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*funds may take up to 1 week to register in our fund tracker

Roadmap KiR Track.001.png

Keep it Reet was founded with the intention of keeping illegal drifting OFF the streets.  We are here to build a safe community for drifters all around Australia and the world.


Our vision is to launch a track that is tailored to ALL motorsports to ensure a safe and viable way for all drivers, both Pro and AM, to enjoy themselves doing what they love to do.


Brand Awareness

Get as many people talking about Keep it Reet building their own track

This is where we begin to talk about our end goal and our purpose behind our giveaways. Our 5 year plan so to speak. Getting people talking about Keep It Reet building a new track will help launch our campaign. Spreading awareness as to why we are doing this is also a good topic of conversation.


All giveaways will no contribute to our Fund a Drifting Track Campaign

All our giveaways will now contribute to our ‘Fund A Drifting Track’ campaign. People buying the tickets are directly contributing to making a difference in the drift community. Making drifting a safer and more accessible sport more than ever.

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Purchase Land and Build

Once funds are acquired we need to purchase land and begin the process of building

Obviously the next stage once we have enough capital is to launch the build. Making these into vlogs and allowing our followers the chance to follow the build. We will show everything. All the downfalls and set backs as well as the targets that get met and our goals of when things should be done by.


Make sure all insurance and permits are correct so we can launch on time

Making sure all permits and insurance is 110% correct as this could be a HUGE setback if not done correctly. Although this is obvious, the slightest thing that is missed or wrong can compromise the whole track.

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Barra Wags-1_edited.jpg


Hold a free drifting event for the first time on our own track

Once the track is ready for launch we will be hosting a FREE event. We will invite everyone who helped and contributed and make sure we get as many people as possible. A full day of drifting, burnouts, skids ect.

Help Us Help The Community

If you would like to directly contribute to our cause, please feel to free donate. 100% of these proceeds will go into making the drift community safe and giving us a place where we can let loose.

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